L-RAIDER is an innovative warehouse logistic solution that uses directly the structure of the shelving as its own transfer vehicle as well as support for the pallets stored or to be stored.

L-RAIDER is an automatic system with advanced modularity, higly flexible. It simplifies the storage operations by optimizing the space management. “Lightness” is its distinctive feature, and this let L-RAIDER to be easy to install and easy to maintain. This is the real innovative surplus value compared to traditional storage systems for pallets.

L-RAIDER is composed of two basic devices (primary and secondary unit)  plus an innovative extra-slim picking/storing shuttle system. The primary unit houses internally the secondary unit, where the picking/storing system is lodged.

During the working cycle the primary device stops in a position corresponding to the span of the racking to be served; the second device splits from its holder and rises on the structure of the shelf up to the desired level where it has to pick or deposit the pallet.

Next step is executed by the picking/storing system. It could be carried out by an automatic shuttle able to work on 800mm. side of the pallet or by classic system with telescopic forks.


L-RAIDER picking/storing shuttle system works on 800mm. side optimizing the spaces needed for the pallets handling. This way of forking let  the system to use the hand jack openings as the unique space for the pallet handling, reducing the overall dimensions required. L-RAIDER shuttle does not require special guides for its sliding, reducing the cost of the structures.


An innovative railways system has been studied for second unit climbng. It let to reach the perfect complanarity of the working planes and let L-RAIDER to be suitable for every pallet rack  present on the market.


L– Covered by an international patent

L– Pallet weigh up to 15 kN

L– Able to work up to -30°C (-22°F) in “Polar” version

L– Optimum use of space in warehouses with height constraints or small dimensions.

L– Fast realization and installation.

L– Flexible management software, adaptable to the problems of the different warehouse solutions.

L– Management software easy to be interfaced with any company host.

L– Teleservice for remote system monitoring.

L– Low installed power = low energetic consumption.

L– Extra-low costs compared to current automed warehouse solutions.

L– Competitive even when compared to manual or semi-automatic handling systems.