Warehouse automation offers higher efficiency, speed and convenience

L-RAIDER is an automatic system that exploits the shelving structures, as a handling device and as the stored pallets’ support, optimising space management.

L-RAIDER equips a warehouse for storing large quantities of materiai inside appropriately sized pallet racks, significantly reducing the space required compared to a conventional manually operateci warehouse. lts system limits work operations only to the loading/unloading at its loading docks.
L-RAIDER is a modular system that is flexible and customizable to meet any storage need. L-RAIDER is a system that can be installed indifferently in the warehouse, the production or the sale is, and it is suitable for many different products. lt is expandable in height and width.

The system allows maximum space exploitation, a substantial increase in productivity and allows to maintain a real and continuously updated inventory of stocked items.

L-RAIDER is born out of an entirely ltalian technical know-how, from design to production, 100% Made in Logaut.

6 great reasons for choosing L-RAIDER

  1. Fast production and installation times.
  2. Our management software is flexible and customizable to the needs of different warehouse environments. lt interfaces with any company host.
  3. Customizable to fit any warehouse, optimally exploiting spaces, even in warehouses with height or dimension constraints.
  4. High-load capacity, up to 1500 kg pallet.
  5. The Polar version is equipped to operate up to -30 °.
  6. lnstallation of low electric powers for lower energy consumption.


An innovative solution

The L-RAIDER system is an innovative warehouse logistics solution, whose primary operating concept is to exploit shelving structures for transferring, handling and, at the same time, supporting the pallets stored or to be stored.

L-RAIDER is an automatic storage system as it does not require personnel access to the warehouse, but only access corridors for the incoming and outgoing loading units’ transit.

L-RAIDER is an advanced modular system, composed of various devices that can be integrateci with each other, offering single, double or multiple deep working options, even with different gripping equipment.

L-RAIDER can, working as a fleet using multiple primary or secondary devices, stock spaces, heights and depths of warehouses of various size, shape and type.

L-RAIDER is a “light” system as it is easy and fast to install and to maintain.

L-RAIDER represents a fundamental innovative step compared to the standard storage and movement of goods’ systems used to date.

L-Raider system

L-RAIDER system is composed of two basic devices, a primary and a secondary one, and a pallet loading system. The first basic device houses the second device, which in turn supports the pallet loading system.

L-RAIDER can be outfitted with various gripping mechanisms available on the market, and/or those specifically built and designed for customers (single and multiple depths telescopie forks, satellites carts with different working space).

During the working cycle, the primary device stops in a position corresponding to the column of the shelves to be loaded/unloaded; the secondary device separates from its support and climbs onto the shelf structures until it reaches the desired level to pick-up or to deposit an item.

L-RAIDER is outfitted with a special device for climbing on its tracks. These structures are outfitted with reference tracks used to guide the RAIDER during its work cycle. These tracked structures can be added to any existing shelving and are sized to support the load of the L-RAIDER and its gripping device.

A special device (optional) allows the L-RAIDER system to make the primary and secondary devices independent from one another.

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