The evolution of the shuttle warehouse

L-SOLE is a shuttle created specifically to reduce the space required for the handling of goods.

L-SOLE, with its height of only 105 mm. it is the lowest shuttle on the market, maintaining all the reliability and safety characteristics of the shuttle systems that work within the drive-in racking.

L-SOLE complies with all the features necessary to speed up the deposit and withdrawal phases within shuttle structures with depths of 800, 1000 and 1200.

L-SOLE works in total autonomy according to the different warehouse logics and always with maximum safety.

Choosing L-SOLE means a perfect and efficient organization of the warehouse, with a drastic reduction in handling and working times, but above all obtaining an extraordinary reduction of storage spaces.

L-SOLE is available in the following versions: L-Sole 800; 1000; 1200

Standard Equipment: L-Sole can be equipped with a dedicated remote control or, by an app, from a smartphone or tablet. Both solutions grant the full operativity of the shuttle.

7 excellent reasons to choose L-Sole

  1. With its picking height of only 105 mm. L-Sole is the lowest shuttle on the market and therefore it can optimize the warehouse volume.
  2. Thanks to the small size of the shuttle, all the housing structures have been further reduced and simplified, thus obtaining a very important economic advantage
  3. New lithium-ion battery with direct extraction from the front of the machine, the autonomy has been further increased and can exceed 8 hours of work
  4. The customer can choose whether to manage and control L-Sole through the supplied remote control or through their smartphone or tablet using an app specifically designed to provide all the information necessary for statistics and functionality of the shuttle itself
  5. New battery monitoring system with statistics on the duration, number of recharges carried out and operation report.
  6. Automatic locking device on the forklift forks, used for normal handling, with the adjustment on the contact surface.
  7. Safety system with double laser scanner able to recognize any intrusion / obstruction in the handling channel.

Standard functions

Optional functions

Minimum recommended spaces

Load / unload operational logic

L-SOLE is inserted into the shelving in the channel provided for storage (operator side) as a normal load unit. When the “load” or “continuous load” command is sent, L-SOLE picks up and places the load in the desired position. Once the requested operation has been performed, L-SOLE returns to the beginning of the channel to carry out next mission or to be picked up in case of a channel change. While L-SOLE carries out the required missions, the forklift driver is free to perform other operations. When the forklift driver returns, on the front of the deposit / withdrawal channel, L-SOLE will already be in the foreseen working position, therefore able to accept a new command or, having already transferred the load, to the withdrawal position by the operator. The same operating logic is envisaged for the “withdrawal” and “continuous withdrawal” operations.

Warehouse logics FI.FO. and LI.FO.

There are several ways to organize logistics and evaluate stocks; the main warehouse logics are identified by the initials FI.FO. and LI.FO.

FIFO logic. (First In First Out): it indicates the mode in which the first object to exit was the first to enter; this allows the rotation of all products.

LIFO logic. (Last In First Out): indicates the mode in which the last inserted item is picked up first.

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