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Logaut company profile

Logaut is an ltalian company that develops, produces and offers premium-quality, innovative solutions for the intralogistics sector.

Founded in 2010 and bringing together experienced professionals with complementary skills and expertise in automation systems for warehousing logistics, Logaut’s services are focused on two main strategie areas: the production of traditional and automatic modular systems and the study and implementation of leading-edge projects. Logaut is able to respond to the requirements of the entire production process, from planning and design through to the installation and maintenance of turnkey systems.

Logaut seeks to act as a single partner able to meet the full range of needs of companies operating on global markets, who see the rationalisation of intralogistics as a crucial factor for their development

Our Values

Logaut company profile

Commitment to innovation

Logaut has chosen to focus on highly specialised services, recognising innovation as the founding principia of our corporate identity.
Logaut is open to taking on board and developing non-conventional ideas, thanks to our qualified team of design engineers, draughtsmen and developers.

Commitment to performance

Here at Logaut, we imagine the future as an on-going process of evolution. Hence our constant commitment to performance in research, development and services, and our on-going investment in increasingly modem technologies and equipment.

Commitment to people

Logaut sees change as an opportunity. This is why our relationship with staff revolves around the development of their professional skills, and why we motivate and encourage them to open up to new ideas.

Our Mission

Logaut company profile

Authentic innovation

We seek to offer an innovative response to the as-yet unmet needs of the sector, and to make a significant contribution to the evolution of intralogistics by developing systems able to mark a watershed in the field.

At the same time, Logaut works on optimising existing technologies, introducing significant improvements able to make a difference to raw materiai and goods management systems in warehouses.

Our vision

Close to the client, with an eye on the future

Logaut aims to earn a front-line role on the intralogistics market in ltaly and abroad, reaching this target thanks to a development model focused on innovation.

Here at Logaut, the hallmark of our vision is the constant attention we pay to our clients’ needs and the consequent development of practical projects tailored to their requirements

What we offer

Logaut operates on the leading edge of intralogistics technology, staying one step ahead of companies’ needs and making an important contribution to customising the systems offered.

Applying a strategie management approach throughout the complex process of handling goods, rationalising space and cutting costs allows businesses to sharpen their competitive edge. Our knowledge of the needs of companies operating on global markets allows Logaut to offer uniquely efficient, flexible, functional modular warehousing systems, designed to optimise the organisation and control of materiai and goods storage, whatever the environmental and climate conditions.

It is with this in mind that Logaut designs and develops customised systems, using two and three-dimensional CAD technology, with the help of simulators for the structural and dynamic analysis of actual performance. Throughout the project design process, our developers take account of the opportunities for energy saving, working on the performance of the systems with a view to cutting the running costs of each individuai warehouse.

The results speak for themselves: internationally patented, innovative technologies, an excellent cost/benefit ratio and a faster return on investment.

Customer Service

Logaut company profile

All-round assistance, in real time

Logaut assists clients every step of the way, offering a comprehensive service that includes consulting and after-sales training and assistance. Our technical office supervises the assembly and commissioning of the system, providing exhaustive instructions to the workers who will be in charge of its operation.

Scheduled and extraordinary maintenance is carried out with an assistance service in loco, with technicians sent to the premises, and remotely, using a sophisticated software analysis system able to monitor, control and resolve any problems with the system directly from our offices.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Routine maintenance
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Spare parts service

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