LOGAUT SRL was founded in 2010 joining a group of high professionals from different experiences in the field of the warehouse logistics.

The idea behind the start-up was not simply to set up another production company, but to develop innovative and distinctive projects, able to evolve the market sector.

The staff is compact, cohesive and focused on two main strategic directives:

  1. full service on modular system manufacturing for the optimized management of traditional and/or automatic warehouses (stacker cranes, miniload etc…) with its own software package; engineering services, revamping and after-sale (maintenance and spare parts).
  2. study and implementation of advanced projects which are presented as absolute innovations on the market.

Our business beginning is characterized by the development of the L-RAIDER system,  R&D Engineering Department project spearhead. L-RAIDER is a new system for automatic warehouse management with  absolute unique modularity and efficiency.

The Commercial Departement main target is the launch of L-RAIDER technology on markets all over the world. Due to its extraordinary power of innovation, the plants already made are the best presentation for the full range of company products and services.